Zion Williamson would make history if he is indeed the cover athlete for the upcoming NBA 2K21 video game.

What’s happening:

  • On Thursday, NBA 2K21 dropped its first teaser video, announcing the game would be released in fall 2020 — right on schedule despite the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The teaser showed a sweaty Zion Williamson, who introduced the teaser with a real-life video moments before.
  • Immediate speculation began that Williamson will grace the cover of NBA 2K21. The previous edition of the game — NBA 2K20 — had Anthony Davis as the main cover athlete with Dwyane Wade, who retired from the NBA last season, as the cover of the game’s legendary edition.

How he breaks records

  • If chosen, Williamson would be the youngest player to appear on the cover, according to The Bird Writes, a SB Nation blog for the New Orleans Pelicans.
  • Chris Paul (NBA 2K8) and Anthony Davis (NBA 2K16) were the youngest players to appear on the covers as 22 years olds. Zion Williamson will turn 20 in July.
  • Most NBA players on the cover make the playoffs the same year. Only Allen Iverson (2K4), Kevin Durant (2K15), Anthony Davis (2K16) and LeBron James (2K19) failed to do so, per The Bird Writes.