LeBron James loves — and we mean loves — Taco Tuesdays.

Since August 2018, just before James’ first season with the Los Angeles Lakers, he’s regularly professed his love for tacos publicly. (James even tried to trademark the term “Taco Tuesday.”) He sent a taco truck to feed California wildfire first responders, he led Los Angeles’ Staples Center crowds in Taco Tuesday chants. The man’s hunger is insatiable.

But has James’ Taco Tuesday obsession hurt his on-court performance? According to one reddit user who crunched the numbers, the answer is a definite “maybe.”

In a reddit post from Tuesday on the r/nba subreddit, user u/angrycentrist outlined a compelling — if clearly tongue-in-cheek — argument for how Taco Tuesdays have impacted not only James’ individual statistics, but his team success as well. The proof is in the peppers.

u/angrycentrist analyzed James’ “pre-taco” stats (from before August 2018), determining James’ season-by-season performance average for each day of the week, and how those daily averages deviated from James’ season-long averages. 

As it turns out, James’ highest-performing day of the week before his taco obsession started was — you guessed it — on Tuesdays.

“Meaning, Tuesday is the day he was least likely to perform worse than his season average, and the day he was most likely to perform better than his season average,” the reddit user explained.

Over this time period, Tuesdays were also among the best days for James’ team success: His teams won 71% of their games on Tuesdays — more than 4% better than James’ overall win rate over those seasons.

But what about after James became obsessed with Taco Tuesdays? This is where it gets interesting.

In the Taco Tuesday era of the past two NBA seasons, James’ Tuesday performances are among his worst

“LeBron is suddenly performing notably worse than his season average in most of the key stats!” u/angrycentrist noted. “A complete reversal of the trend from the days before his taco titillations.”

And if that weren’t enough, his team’s win percentage on Tuesdays has now dipped below their overall win percentage, too.

Los Angeles has changed you, LeBron.

Of course, this particular data set is up for interpretation. One reddit commenter suggested LeBron’s Taco Tuesday diet would manifest more in his Wednesday games, not his Tuesday games, since NBA players’ schedules often mean they eat dinner after their games, not before. James’ Wednesday performances have been quite strong comparatively.

“It may in fact be that Taco Tuesdays boost LeBron’s performance for the following day, while his performance declines on Tuesdays as he has gone an entire week without tacos,” the commenter said. “If true, this implies LeBron would benefit from having Tacos every day, meaning we should push for every day to be Taco Tuesday.”

“And then we need to figure out how good LeBron could be if he ate tacos every day of the week?” another reddit user chimed in. “Maybe 6, 7, or 8 more championships?”

Food for thought, clearly.

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