Marvel fans will be excited to know that the latest season of Fortnite includes some of the comic book company’s biggest stars, and puts them at war.

What’s happening:

  • Fortnite unveiled its latest season — Chapter 2: Season 4 — on Thursday morning.
  • The new season, titled “Nexus War,” is all about the Marvel comic book universe. Major heroes from the comic book pages have made their way to the island to face off against Galactus, a planet destroyer.
  • The battle pass — which costs $9.99 — allows gamers to unlock Iron Man. Storm, Mystique, She-Hulk, Thor, Doctor Doom and more.
  • Wolverine will likely be a playable character in the season, too.
  • The season’s newest trailer shows Marvel stars on Earth being called into action by Thor, who brings them to the Fortnite island to face off against Galactus.

Bigger picture:

  • We’ve seen Marvel characters in Fortnite before. In fact, Fortnite has teased this season with an in-game comic book, which told of Thor and Galactus reaching the Fortnite planet before Thor called other heroes into action, according to The Verge.
  • For example, Deadpool was an unlockable character earlier this year. Thanos and Captain America were limited time characters, too. But this is the first time an entire season has a theme centered around a national entertainment product.