It started with fantasy football.

Lee Sanderlin finished in last place in his fantasy football league — an experience not too uncommon for the modern American sports fan. But the results didn’t end with hazing, jokes or jabs. Rather, his last-place finished ended in waffles and syrup.

See, Sanderlin had to serve out a sentence for finishing last in his league. He agreed to spend 24 hours inside of a Waffle House.

But there was a catch — one hour would be removed from the 24-hour term every time he ate a waffle. So his time would drop to 20 hours if he ate four waffles.

As you can imagine, that is no easy feat.

To make matters more interesting, Sanderlin tweeted about his experience, chronicling the events in a social media thread that quickly went viral.

So what was his experience like? Well, according to his Twitter thread, he polished off two waffles to start his journey. He piled them in syrup. After eating the two waffles and spending time inside the Waffle House, he had only about 21 hours left.

He ate another two waffles. Then, another four. He ate four waffles in 1.5 hours. And still, even then, had 18.5 hours to go inside the Waffle House.

“I am already in immense discomfort. Please, somebody, launch me into the sun,” he tweeted at the time.

He wasn’t alone in the restaurant. Children filtered in and started to play music, which, he said, pumped him up to start eating more waffles. About 17 hours in, he ate his fifth waffle, confirming that he consumed more than 2,000 calories.

“Per my league commissioner, I am allowed to sit in the parking lot and also if I puke it won’t count against me. This won’t recalibrate the strategy tho,” he tweeted.

Like all long slogs — a day at work, a Marvel movie marathon or a 10K — you eventually hit a wall. You can’t get past it. You can’t keep going.

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After five waffles were down his gullet, he still had 16 hours to go. He spent 45 minutes resting before he got his sixth waffle. He told his Twitter followers that the waffles were starting to get to him.

“Y’all they’re going down like cement now, and the heart is beating real heavy-like. I’m the only non-employee in here. Got half of waffle 6 left and so many hours,” he tweeted.

By hour seven, he had six waffles down and 11 hours left in his Odyssey. But he began to crash. He ordered the seventh waffle but he couldn’t finish it. He couldn’t get it down.

So he made use of his time. He chatted with a chef. He started talking on social media about people donating their funds to different charities rather than him.

Soon enough, eight waffles had been downed. He only needed one more waffle and he could leave in the morning. He began to eat. Little by little he ate his way home.

Could he do it? Could he finish the waffle? Syrup. Waffles. Plates. A Waffle House. Everything began to bleed together.

The sun rose.

A new day.

“I’m never eating waffles again,” he said on Twitter.

Nine waffles down after 15 hours in a restaurant.

“This was horrible,” he said, “and I recommend no one ever do this.”