Ye, the rapper and designer formerly known as Kanye West, was suspended from Twitter Thursday after posting an image of a swastika inside the Star of David on the social media platform. The Guardian reports that Elon Musk said he suspended West’s account for violating Twitter’s rule “against incitement to violence.”

This new suspension comes just after he was blocked by Instagram and lashed out against Jewish people on Twitter, per The New York Times.

How long will Ye’s Twitter account be suspended?

According to The Washington Post, it is currently not clear how long the account will be suspended.

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Twitter restricted Ye’s account after a different antisemitic post back in October, but Ye’s account was reinstated less than 24 hours after Musk restored other accounts that had been suspended last month, including the account of former President Donald Trump, per CBS News.

Elon Musk’s response to Ye’s tweets

Musk has been very vocal about his desire to free up limits on Twitter content, and is a self-declared “free speech absolutist.” However, after Ye’s controversial tweet, Musk replied to two of Ye’s recent tweets, saying one of them was fine, but that his antisemitic tweet was not.

One Twitter user tweeted to Musk and Ye, “Elon fix Kanye please,” to which Musk responded, “I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended.”

What is going on with Ye?

Ye has been at the center of many scandals recently. The rapper's antisemitic posts and comments have led to many companies cutting ties with him and ending deals, per CNBC.

He lost a partnership with Adidas, while Gap and Foot Locker removed West’s brand “Yeezy” from their stores.

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