For much of 2022, little grids of green, yellow and black squares have filled Twitter feeds, revealing Wordle players’ wins and losses to the masses.

Some Wordle answers have been fairly easy — at least two reporters here at the Deseret News were able to solve a puzzle in one try. Some answers have been controversial. And then there are the Wordle answers that stumped — and broke a lot of admirable winning streaks in the process.

The gaming site I’m a Puzzle recently studied the data collected by the Twitter API WordleStats to determine the hardest Wordles of 2022, CNET reported. Some of the words don’t come as too much of a surprise — after all, how often does one use the words “coyly” or “tacit” in a sentence?

But simpler words — like “watch” and “pound” — also made the cut. Although they are normal, everyday words, they become challenging to solve if you have figured out every letter except the first one.

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The hardest Wordles in 2022

According to CNET, the following 10 words were the hardest Wordle answers of 2022:

  • Parer.
  • Foyer.
  • Catch.
  • Watch.
  • Mummy.
  • Cater.
  • Coyly.
  • Trite.
  • Found.
  • Tacit.

“Parer” proved to be the hardest Wordle solve of 2022. According to Mental Floss, 48% of people who tweeted out their Wordle grids for the Sept. 16 game failed to solve the puzzle. “Foyer” was the second-hardest word, ending more than 30,000 streaks, per Edinburgh Evening News.

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Mental Floss noted that fewer players have tweeted out their scores as the year has gone on, and that some players may be more inclined to share their score on Twitter when they have done especially well.

“It’s not a comprehensive dataset,” wrote Ellen Gutoskey of Mental Floss. “But it can give you a pretty good sense of which kinds of Wordle solutions give players the most grief.”

The best Wordle starting words

Earlier this year, Deseret News reporters shared their go-to words for Wordle. “Crane” — which is reportedly the official best starting word — proved to have a high success rate.

“Adieu” and “stare” were also highly popular — and successful. You can check out the full list at the Deseret News.

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