Leonardo DiCaprio is once again making headlines for his dating life.

DiCaprio’s dating life has been facing public scrutiny ever since he was spotted with 19-year-old model Eden Polani last month, per People. They were pictured sitting together during model Riley Montana’s album party and immediately sparked dating rumors.

A source told People, “Leo and Eden just so happened to have been seated next to each other at the party, and were hanging in the same group … Just because Leo might be talking to or sitting with a girl doesn’t mean he’s dating her.”

DiCaprio’s dating life received criticism last year when he split with girlfriend Camila Morrone, according to People. They were together for four years.

While DiCaprio’s latest break up might not necessarily be noteworthy, his dating history is — it seems that DiCaprio, 48, has never dated a woman over the age of 25. His latest girlfriend, Morrone, turned 25 this year.

Unsurprisingly, DiCaprio’s latest split has created a stir online. But it also poses an interesting question: does Hollywood have a problem with women aging?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating history

A Reddit user created a detailed chart outlining DiCaprio’s dating history. According to the chart, the median age of DiCaprio’s partners is 22. Additionally, Morrone was two years old when DiCaprio was 25 in 1999.

Created by TrustLittleBrother on Reddit

It looks like DiCaprio and his romantic partners often split when they turn 25. While it could be a coincidence, the evidence might prove otherwise. Unsurprisingly, Twitter is having a field day over DiCaprio’s latest breakup.

Women, aging and Hollywood

If you’re wondering how society views women and aging, look no further than Hollywood. According to a report from Martha Lauzen, executive director of the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University, ageism is still a problem in Hollywood.

Here’s what the study found:

  • 20% of major female characters were in their 20s, while 10% of major male characters were in their 20s.
  • 30% of major female characters were 40 and over, while 55% of male characters were 40 and up.
  • 6% of major female characters were 60 and above, while 11% of male characters were 60 and over.

Overall, Lauzen’s report found that “female characters were younger than their male counterparts.”

What if you’re a woman aged 50 and above? Don’t expect to get a positive portrayal from Hollywood anytime soon. The Geena Davis Institute on Gender Media released a report entitled “Frail, Frumpy and Forgotten: A Report on the Movie Roles of Women of Age.”

Here’s what the report found:

  • 25.3% of female characters make up characters 50 and above.
  • 0% of leads are women 50 and above.
  • Female characters above 50 are more likely to be depicted as senile, homebound, feeble and frumpy in comparison to their male counterparts.

Why does it matter?

DiCaprio, almost 50, seems to exclusively date women under the age of 25. That could send a negative message about older women. But studies show the opposite of what society, and Hollywood, may think.

Per NBC News, McClennan Masson and Tetra Insights surveyed over a thousand men and women between the ages of 18 and 90. They found that older adults, between the ages 60 and 90, “were more likely to report feeling calm, optimistic, cheerful and full of life, and less likely to report hopelessness, restlessness, nervousness or sadness” than younger people.

While Hollywood — and perhaps Leonardo DiCaprio — might have a problem with women getting older, older women might have a better handle on life than younger women. Isn’t it time that we see that kind of representation and acceptance in Hollywood?