Update: On Sunday, ‘The Chosen’ will premiere on CW. All three seasons will be available.

The Chosen” will soon be available to watch on TV — The CW Network has acquired broadcasting rights to show the first three seasons of the series.

The news comes after Lionsgate acquired the distribution rights to “The Chosen.” The network will begin airing the series on July 16, and “will air the first three seasons through the fall before wrapping with the finale on Christmas Eve,” per The Hollywood Reporter.

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“The CW has always been bold and unique, which is perfect for us,” “The Chosen” director Dallas Jenkins told The Hollywood Reporter. “Plus, Brad Schwartz (CW president of entertainment) made it clear a while ago he loves and respects ‘The Chosen,’ so we know it’ll be in great hands.”

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“The Chosen” is a historical drama that details the life, ministry and death of Jesus Christ. Actor Jonathan Roumie, also known for “Jesus Revolution,” portrays Jesus in the hit series. The cast and crew have been filming Season 4 in Texas with plans to go to Goshen, Utah, to film more. “The Chosen” is expected to have a total of seven seasons. It’s available to stream on “The Chosen” app and the Angel app.

The CW is home to shows like “Riverdale,” “The Winchesters” and “The Flash.”