The Come and See Foundation announced that the first two episodes of “The Chosen” Season 4 are available to stream in prisons and churches.

Stan Jantz, CEO of the Come and See Foundation, told the Deseret News about the announcement and said he’s excited to see the effort come to fruition. It’s done in collaboration with the Prison Fellowship. Jantz framed the news as an opportunity to bring hope and inspiration from “The Chosen” to every corner of the world.

Heather Rice-Minus, the president and CEO of Prison Fellowship, told the Deseret News that “The Chosen” can have a big impact on those who watch it while incarcerated.

Rice-Minus spoke about a man who is incarcerated just outside of Houston, Texas. She said he and other men in the unit are having watch parties as “The Chosen” comes out on Floodlight.

The authentic Jesus resonates with viewers, Rice-Minus said. They are able to see themselves among the followers of Jesus.

Jantz said this is an unique opportunity and explained how churches can participate. He said churches can sign up on the Come and See Foundation website to host screenings and the only caveat is the screenings have to be free.

In a previous interview with the Deseret News, Jantz said watching “The Chosen” with others can be a moving communal experience. He echoed those comments in this latest interview and emphasized that there are conversations about the scriptures and faith waiting.

The organization is also offering discussion guides about the show.

Jantz said he sees this as an opportunity to give back, especially to individuals who might not be typically seen by society. It’s his desire that these “The Chosen” screenings bring hope.

“For the first time, a full season of ‘The Chosen’ will be made available to churches and prisons before it starts streaming. This is exactly why we’re working with Come and See,” Dallas Jenkins, the show’s creator, said in a release. “They share our hearts to get this show free to as many people as possible and they are willing to try new things to do it. We can’t wait to see people experience this in community.”

It’s this community aspect that Jantz mentioned a couple times throughout his conversation with the Deseret News. Jantz said the Come and See Foundation’s goal is to keep the show free so that the show can inspire faith and bring people together. The organization also is trying to translate the show into 600 languages and reach 1 billion people.

The announcement about streaming in prisons and churches comes amid “The Chosen” Season 4 streaming release delay. Jenkins said the show is delayed due to legal matters. During Jenkins’ announcement about the delay, he said the company is looking at ways to increase profits.

More than 100,000 people have donated to the Come and See Foundation across 130 countries, Jantz said.

It’s not just monetary contributions that help. Jantz said the Come and See Foundation believes that praying for the show works and contributes to its success.

“The energy this groundbreaking series is bringing worldwide is electric — we hear stories every day of people engaging with the humanity of Jesus as their lives are transformed,” Jantz said. He described this move by the show as giving hope to people and serving as a catalyst for change.

Rice-Minus said in addition to the work that the Prison Fellowship is doing with the Come and See Foundation, the Prison Fellowship is partnering with churches to help children of parents who are incarcerated by delivering gifts.

The organization is also asking churches to celebrate second chances and aid in getting people access to jobs and housing.