Country singer Blake Shelton just wrapped up watching Season 3 of “The Chosen.”

That’s according to a social media post he made on Monday night talking about the show to his 19 million followers on X.

“Random two thumbs up from a country singer... Just finished season 3 of The Chosen and I absolutely love it. No question in my mind why it’s a world wide phenomenon,” said Shelton. Creator and director of the show Dallas Jenkins posted a screenshot of Shelton’s tweet to his social media stories and said “Noice.”

Gwen Stefani quote tweeted Shelton and said, “@blakeshelton Obsessed !! Can’t wait for season 4 @thechosentv u better not watch w out me!! Gx.”

“The Chosen” is currently filming Season 5. The cast and crew started off filming in Goshen, Utah, but before filming, Jenkins and the other writers came early to Utah to start working on the scripts for the rest of the show. The show is expected to last for seven seasons.

“We went to Sundance, spent a couple of days there and just plotted out the outlines and started to work on some of the scripts for Season 6 and 7 because we really want to make sure that we know where we’re going with everything,” said Jenkins in an interview with the Deseret News.

The show films in both Goshen and Midlothian, Texas, and is expected to wrap up filming during the summer.

Season 5 is expected to release sometime in 2025. Season 4 will come out on streaming sometime in the near future.