Empowered by its success earlier this year, FamilySearch is planning to take a similar approach with another free, entirely virtual RootsTech in 2022.

The worldwide online event is scheduled for March 3-5, FamilySearch announced in a news release Wednesday.

RootsTech 2021 became an all-virtual event during the COVID-19 pandemic and drew more than 1.1 million participants from over 240 countries and territories, far exceeding organizers’ expectations.

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FamilySearch was “humbled” and “grateful” for the response to an all-virtual RootsTech earlier this year, said Steve Rockwood, FamilySearch International CEO.

“We heard from thousands of people from all over the globe that the 2021 online experience allowed them to participate for the first time and enjoy the power of learning and connecting virtually,” he said in a news release. “It created an expansive online archive for learning that is now available for free all year long. It’s an incredible resource, and we are excited about what we’re planning for 2022.”

RootsTech 2022 will follow the 2021 virtual model with free access to all kinds of classes and a mix of on-demand, livestream and interactive sessions where people can socialize, ask questions and learn from experts and enthusiasts. There will be demonstrations and multicultural experiences available for all ages.

Will there be in-person RootsTech events in London or Salt Lake City?

There will not be in-person events in London this fall or Salt Lake City in 2022, according to the news release.

FamilySearch announced that RootsTech 2022 will take place March 3-5.
FamilySearch announced that RootsTech 2022 will take place March 3-5. | FamilySearch

For events in 2023 and beyond, RootsTech organizers plan to offer a hybrid online and in-person model with content that is expanded and accessed throughout the year. 

Organizers want the in-person events to still be part of the RootsTech experience and they will be reevaluated each year for improvement and worldwide expansion, Rockwood said.

“After RootsTech Connect 2021, we realized that we could bring the joy of family history to millions of people, no matter where they are, through an online, virtual RootsTech experience,” Rockwood said. “As we continue to chart new territory with RootsTech, we plan to make the virtual event a regular part of the experience and look forward to all the new opportunities that will open to people everywhere.”

Can I still view content from RootsTech 2021?

RootsTech is still offering more than 1,500 on-demand sessions, free of charge, at RootsTech.org.

How do I register for RootsTech 2022?

Patrons can register for RootsTech 2022 starting in September. To learn more or subscribe to the RootsTech newsletter, visit RootsTech.org.