Rainn Wilson is opening up about his spiritual journey and how utilizing spiritual tools has had a positive impact on his mental health.

In his new book — “Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution” — Wilson explores the problem-solving benefits of spirituality.

During an appearance at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado this week, “The Office” actor shared why he penned the book, the reason faith-based conversations are important to him and why he thinks society needs more of them.

“Spirituality has helped me on my mental health journey, but I also feel like culturally we’re not engaging in deep enough, relevant enough conversations about how we can use spiritual tools to transform ourselves and make our lives better but also help transform society,” Wilson told NBC News during a panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

“This stuff is important. It’s not just like a hobby or a side conversation. Spiritual tools are something we need, we are in the biggest mental health crisis in human history, that’s killing young people,” Wilson continued.

“There are spiritual solutions, spiritual tools that we can learn from all of the great faith traditions of the world. We need them. It’s vital. It’s important.”

Wilson also told NBC News that he was “absolutely” nervous that publicly talking about spirituality and faith would impact his professional career.

“Actors don’t talk about God, they don’t talk about soul or religion or spirituality or they often get really ostracized,” he said. “I’m in a very privileged position because I’ve had an amazing run.”

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As a young actor, Rainn Wilson returned to his faith

During an appearance on the “Today” show with Jenna Bush Hager, “The Office” star described his “long, multidecade journey” with faith.

Wilson said he was raised in a spiritually-enriching environment.

“I grew up a member of the Baha’i faith and for those who dont know, the Baha’i faith is very inclusive and universalist of all spiritual beliefs,” Wilson told Hager.

“I grew up in a family that read the Buddha at the dinner table and when born again Christians would knock on the door on Sunday, we’d invite them in and cook them pancakes and talk about the Book of Revelation with them.”

When Wilson moved to New York City at age 20 to pursue a career in acting, he decided he “didn’t want anything to do with religion, with spirituality, with morality, with God, with higher concepts.” Focusing on acting school and life in a big city was more appealing to the young actor.

But when he faced “a kind of mental health crisis” during his mid-20s, he found himself turning back to his spiritual roots.

“I thought, ‘I’m supposed to be happy because I’m living my dream. Why am I so unhappy?’” Wilson told Hager.

With no money for therapy, Wilson believed the only way to heal his suffering mental health was to explore spiritual ideas.

“I was miserable, I was unhappy and tormented. So I went on a spiritual journey where I explored these ideas ... about finding meaning and vision and purpose and it’s helped me tremendously,” Wilson told NBC News during an Aspen Ideas Festival panel.

“It’s been a long, multidecade journey but I find it incredibly fulfilling.”

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Rainn Wilson wants to make the world a better place

Wilson said he believes he is on a mission of service and that everyone has been blessed with unique gifts they can employ to make the world a better place.

“Whether it’s writing, teaching, creating laughter, building a business, whatever it is that we do that makes the world a better place,” Wilson explained, per NBC News.

He said that he is on “a constant mission to both make myself a better person and to try and make the world a better place using the qualities that God gave me: Storytelling, humor, service to others.”

When does ‘Soul Boom’ by Rainn Wilson come out?

“Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution” by Rainn Wilson was released on April 25.