There are approximately 180 named women, both real and fictional, discussed in the New Testament alone.

Women in the Bible held positions of power and were called prophetesses, judges and leaders, warriors, healers and caregivers, mothers and wives, disciples and followers of Jesus Christ who testified of him.

What did Jesus say about women in the Bible?

Which women in the Bible preached and taught of Christ?

1. Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was the first witness of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and spread the word to the Twelve Apostles. In Mark 16: 9-10, it says Mary “went and told them that had been with him, as they mourned and wept.” She taught of the resurrected Christ.

2. Joanna and Mary, mother of James

Several more women who were close to Jesus proclaimed the resurrection, including Joanna and Mary the mother of James as Luke 24:9-11 demonstrates. All three women were there to tend to Christ, per Luke 24:1-10.

3. Priscilla

Priscilla invited many to “come into (her) house, and abide there” after being baptized in Acts 16:15. She later became a missionary with the Apostle Paul.

When a man came to the synagogue in Acts 18:26, “speaking boldly,” both Priscilla and Aquila, “expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly.”

4. Phebe

Phebe is referred to in the King James Version of the Bible in Romans 16:1-2 as “sister,” “servant,” and “succorer,” which some have interpreted to mean “deacon” or “minister,” per Biblical Archaeology. She is the only woman in the Bible referred to as such.

Paul recommended her to the Christians in Rome and said Phebe was “a succorer of many” and left her to teach the congregation in his stead.

5. Mary, mother of Jesus

Mary, Jesus’ mother, gave a beautiful testimony of the divinity of Christ in Luke 1:46 often referred to as “Mary’s Magnificat,” or the Ode of the Theotokos or the Canticle of Mary.

In part of her account she says, “For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name.”

6. An unnamed Samaritan woman

A Samaritan woman at the well, spoken of in John 4, listened and believed Jesus Christ speak before his disciples joined him. John 4:28-30 reads that “the woman then left her waterpot, and went her way into the city” where she taught of what she heard.

“Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?”

She brought many more people from town to listen and learn about Christ.

Verse 39 reads, “And many of the Samaritans of that city believed on him for the saying of the woman, which testified, He told me all that ever I did.”

More Samaritans joined the group and “many more believed because of his own word.”

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