“Jeopardy!” celebrated the diversity of the world’s religions on Monday by challenging players with clues about religious texts, angels and architecture.

The “World Religion” category was used during game three of the “Jeopardy!” Masters quarterfinals, which featured show legend James Holzhauer.

‘Jeopardy!’ religion questions

Per “Jeopardy!” archives, the “World Religion” category was comprised of the following five clues (answers are at the very bottom of the article):

  • “Around 1693 Jacob Ammann founded this Mennonite group whose teachings stress separation from the world, hard work and humility.”
  • “Meant to be read to the dead, the ‘Bardo Thodol’ of this religion is designed to help the soul face death and prepare for its next rebirth.”
  • “According to Islam, the 114 chapter-like suras of the Koran were revealed to Muhammad by this angel.”
  • “One of the main deities of Hinduism, this ‘auspicious one’ is sometimes represented as a herdsman, a beggar or a cosmic dancer.”
  • “Around the world, like in Milan, are replicas of the Rebbe’s House in Brooklyn, center of this movement of Hasidic Judaism.”
‘Jeopardy!’ just revealed a category called ‘The Book of Mormons.’ Can you answer these 5 clues?

Chabad on ‘Jeopardy!’

Motti Seligson, director of media for Chabad, a Jewish organization, was among the Jewish leaders who highlighted the fifth clue in the category on social media after the “Jeopardy!” Masters episode aired.

He noted that Chabad — which was the correct answer — seems to come up regularly in pop culture.

But others pointed out that such appearances don’t come regularly enough for non-Jews to know how to pronounce the word.

Competitor Mattea Roach, who correctly answered “What is Chabad?” pronounced the “ch-” like “cheese.” Host Ken Jennings noted that it’s actually pronounced more like “Habad.”

According to “Jeopardy!” archives, only one of the five World Religion clues stumped the three competitors on Monday night: the one about a Hindu deity.

A different group of competitors went five-for-five earlier this year when “Jeopardy!” asked about members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a category called “The Book of Mormons,” as the Deseret News previously reported.

Answers: 1. The Amish; 2. Buddhism; 3. Gabriel (or Jibreel); 4. Shiva; 5. Chabad.