Grab your spoons. There’s a new McFlurry on the menu.

On Wednesday, McDonald’s added a limited-edition Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry to its dessert line-up.

“Put the break in summer break with the original ‘Gimme a break’ a McFlurry! It has strawberry and banana flavors with KIT KAT® chocolate pieces blended in creamy vanilla soft serve,” McDonald’s said in a press release.

The new McFlurry flavor replaces the fast-food chain’s Grandma McFlurry, which was unveiled in late Spring. Staple McFlurry flavors — Oreo and M&M —remain on the menu.

The Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry is now available at participating McDonald’s locations while supplies last.

Does soda from McDonald’s really taste better?

New Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry review: Is it good?

The Kit Kat crumble isn’t enough

I’m a big fan of McDonald’s soft serve. McFlurrys are a staple dessert item for me because they are quick, tasty and fairly priced. I went into this taste test of the new Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry with high hopes. It’s got a lot going for it. My initial reaction was: This is mediocre. There’s nothing gross about it, but nothing outstanding, either.

With McDonald’s soft serve as the base, it’s hard to go wrong. But the Kit Kat McFlurry fell short of my expectations.

For starters, the Kit Kat McFlurry left me feeling cheated. The scant crumble of topping was insufficient. The Ice cream to Kit Kat Banana Split pieces ratio was grim. I was left wanting more — and not in a good way.

Secondly, the Kit Kat mix wasn’t great to me. Maybe I have an aversion to mixing chocolate and fruit, but this dessert is just not scratching my sugar craving itch.

I like to judge new menu items by asking the question: Is this better than what was already available on the menu? In the case of the Kit Kat McFlurry, no, it’s not. I would still take an Oreo or M&M McFlurry over this. — Margaret Darby

The soft serve is fine, but the crumble? Not so much

In the spirit of full transparency, I genuinely can’t remember the last time I had a McFlurry. I am a huge fan of Chick-fil-A’s soft serve — which is, according to my colleagues, a controversial take.

I have to side with Margaret on the Kit Kat McFlurry: It’s fine. I really enjoyed McDonald’s soft serve, but it’s been so long since I’ve last had it, so I’m probably easily impressed.

The crumble was OK, but my McFlurry, like Margaret’s, barely had any. Surely that’s the whole point of a McFlurry?

But what do I know? I’m no ice cream expert. The Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry will probably satisfy your kids on a hot summer day, but don’t expert anything life-changing.

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If you’re looking a satisfying frozen treat, go to Chick-fil-A — I’ll probably already be in a line, a few spots ahead of you. — Natalie Issa

Worth trying, not re-buying

I don’t have a lot of experience with McDonald’s ice cream so I can’t speak to it as a whole, but I have to say that I did enjoy the Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry. It wasn’t anything particularly revolutionary, but you can’t really go wrong with ice cream.

The crunchy bits of Kit Kat and banana were a nice way to add some additional flavor and texture, but I didn’t get enough. I wished some had been mixed in with the ice cream rather than simply sprinkled on top.

If you were to ask me whether I would get it again, the answer would probably be no, but this treat is still worth trying at least once. Honestly I would probably just prefer to buy a tub of Costco’s vanilla ice cream and add my own toppings. — Chase Martin

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