From the ongoing health crisis to social justice movements, natural disasters and a struggling economy, the past 10 months have created a tumultuous environment for the November election.

Leadership and actions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the ensuing job losses and economic devastation, the nationwide protests surrounding the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the many disastrous fires throughout the West have divided many Americans on what the future should look like — and who can best get the country there.

The news that President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 threw another wrench into the cycle, adding extra weight to the vice presidential nominees. The pandemic has also added questions about the safety of voting in person, how to handle debates and whether mail-in voting is the standard for the future.

With so many questions and challenges facing the candidates, recent criticism of local and national leadership, and uncertainty about the future, opinions on the future direction of the country aren’t hard to find.

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