Referring to the Republicans who refused to go along with President Trump’s false claims of a stolen election, Donald Trump Jr., declared, “This isn’t their Republican Party any more. This is Donald Trump’s.” A short time later, the audience stormed the Capitol.

An acquaintance of mine gleefully commented that the events of Jan. 6, 2021, marked the downfall of the Republican Party. Such a downfall should not be celebrated and should be a concern to every American. If all of the traditional Republicans left the party at once, it would create a power vacuum, leaving the Republican Party to the new Trump faction. The new, politically homeless Republicans are not likely to join the Democratic Party, and there is not yet a third party in a position to compete against what would be left of the Republican Party.

For those who feel they cannot stay with the Republican Party, I understand, and many other political parties would be happy to welcome you. For those who don’t want to leave their party, we need you to rise up. Be sure to attend caucus night in March 2022 and become a delegate, support sane candidates and take back your party!

Christine Heath