I read the Deseret News Editorial Board article (“What happened to America’s ‘loyal opposition’?” Jan. 29). It is painfully obvious that “extremists” at both ends of the political spectrum are creating a polarizing ideological gap which is turning into uncivil hatred.

It’s sad to see longtime friends in the United States of America steadily being turned into enemies. Too many Americans base their opinions on partisan news. It runs the gamut from the TV channels they watch, to social media websites they frequent, to even the friends or cliques within their workplaces — and even within churches. It seems everybody has an opinion (on anything), and any opinion running contrary is painted as immoral, crooked, rigged, flawed — ridiculed in the most vile and repetitive ways.

Sadly, politics has morphed into a blood sport, with followers taking matters into their own deluded hands. It goes beyond abandoning basic human manners to a total loathing of basic human life for people with whom they disagree.

Can any sensible nation tolerate this? No. I don’t consider myself a Republican nor Democrat. I try to listen and vote on merit. No labels. No bitterness. Healing.

James A. Marples