There are many reasons why the world needs strong conservative leaders back in the White House. For me, it comes down to two words.

Josh Holt

For those who may not remember, Josh is a Riverton resident who traveled to Venezuela in 2016 to be married, where he was imprisoned by the country’s corrupt, socialist government. In 2018, thanks to the intervention of President Donald Trump, Josh was set free and flown home. As his mayor, I was fortunate enough to meet this brave man, shake his hand and welcome him home. 

Today, Josh lives a normal life with the ordeal well behind him, but if Trump hadn’t been president at the time, he might still be languishing in Venezuela. 

The world is a dangerous place. And it’s become much more so since the Biden administration’s disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, when the administration gifted the Taliban with $7 billion in military ha rdware and signaled to hostile powers everywhere that America was weak.

With our blood in the water, Beijing, Moscow and others are eager to create a new world order — a much crueler one than most humans have enjoyed since the end of the Cold War. No one should want to live in a world where America’s power is receding in the face of evils like these, but we are. 

Biden has crippled America’s energy independence, handing a key strategic advantage to those countries unburdened by the Democrats’ irrational hatred of fossil fuels. Oil is powering Vladimir Putin’s war machine, and Western countries who have sabotaged their energy production have left Putin immune to sanctions. Those trying to save the planet are destroying the world. 

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Indeed, two-thirds of Americans said that if Trump were still president, Russia would not have invaded Ukraine. And Hungarian President Viktor Orbán last week said that without Trump in charge, Russia will eventually invade his country as well.

While Biden wants to make our military as woke and weak as possible, China is planning to conquer. The Pentagon is reportedly “freaking out” over China — and should. Under the current leadership, our once-proud military is in no position to win a shoving match, let alone World War III. 

In damaging our economy as much as they have, the Democrats have undermined America’s soft power — or our ability to influence the world for good without using force. Since Biden took office, more than 20 countries have abandoned the petrodollar, meaning they no longer have faith in currency backed by the “full faith and credit of the United States.” 

Liberal pundits at home and abroad accuse the Trump administration of damaging our image abroad, but foreign policy isn’t a beauty pageant. It’s a wrestling match. All the supposed virtue in the world doesn’t matter if there is no strength behind it.

Although many were skeptical of candidate Trump, as president he demonstrated that American foreign policy must come from a position of strength. While it is not America’s responsibility to police the world, most of the planet benefits from an America First agenda. Trump’s amazing record on foreign policy, the economy and other issues speaks for itself

The 2024 presidential election will be a watershed moment in our shared history. In just a couple years, the Biden administration has done incredible damage to America, and by extension the entire world. What we have now is a weak leader who emboldens our enemies and neglects our allies.  

Whether compromised by China or simply incompetent, the Biden administration cannot be trusted with a second term. Nothing can undo the damage the Biden administration has already done to America and the world. Worse is to come if we can’t restore strong leadership to Washington. 

People like Josh Holt understand this.  

Trent Staggs is mayor of Riverton, Utah, and a candidate for the 2024 Senate race. In May, he was named Best Mayor in Utah by Best of State.