I should start by saying I am aware of more than one person on social media who have blocked me for being “too woke.”

So I should be the target audience for the recent fan-led campaign against the uniforms of the Royals — Utah’s professional women’s soccer team. But even I think what those fans posted today might be a stretch.

The Uproar, a fan account for the North Carolina women’s soccer team NC Courage, which faces the Royals tonight at 7:30, posted the following statement on social media:

“As we approach the Courage’s match against Utah Royals FC this Friday, we must weigh in on the jersey controversy. While we support all the Utah players and their fans, we can’t stand by without mentioning the front of jersey sponsor, America First Credit Union, of our opponent — the Utah Royals. The phrase ‘America First’ has a long history rooted in racism, fascism, and hateful ideology.”

The jerseys the statement references have America First Credit Union printed on the front. Not just “America First,” but America First Credit Union. The name of the credit union established in 1939 — named America First Credit Union to signal their dedication to customers across the country. The name of the credit union that sponsors the team. It’s worth noting, too, that there are other banks and financial institutions across the country that use the “America First” title, such as America First Investment Advisors in Omaha, Nebrasksa.

For these reasons, I assume, many of the posts made in response on social media have been … less than sympathetic.

I think we could all do well to consider how and why words are politicized and weaponized, especially heading into an election. And I believe there are many institutions with problematic names that we should consider changing. And we probably will for years to come. But I think we can leave innocuous credit unions who just want to sponsor a soccer team alone for now.