As a lawyer, I tell my clients to obey the law. That’s my job. Judges enforce the law because that’s their job. It is inexcusable for our elected leaders to not do their job to implement the law, but that is exactly what the president and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are failing to do — their job. What seems to be lost on the president is why everyone is upset and how unfair the situation is. 

First, caring people realize how wrong the present policies are to the immigrants themselves. There is nothing charitable or Christian about recklessly allowing masses of people to come here after a perilous journey only to sleep in airports (Boston), schools (New York) or the streets, public parks and other facilities (everywhere) without the capacity to provide even the basics of shelter and care. Legal immigration is measured and never exceeds the resources available. 

Second, allowing more immigrants into the country than we can reasonably assimilate is unfair to American citizens. Our cities and resources are being overrun, seemingly with no concern for the impact and cost on our citizens. The Biden policy is inhumane both to those coming here and to the American people whose lives are being upended by it.

Third, giving precedence to immigrants entering the country illegally at the expense of the homeless is not right. The homeless are citizens and many are veterans who have protected our homeland. Allowing non-citizens into our country before we can adequately take care of our own is more than unfair, it’s irresponsible. The Biden policies are simply straining our charitable organizations and government resources to the breaking point. 

Fourth, it is unfair to our children because billions of dollars are being spent to support immigrants who entered the country illegally, thus putting pressure on our already sky-high $34 trillion national debt. Sadly, money that could be spent on reducing the deficit is actually being spent on increasing illegal immigration. A new report on the border and immigration shows how the Biden administration is paying the United Nations and nongovernmental organizations to facilitate the invasion. There are reportedly 57 international organizations and 132 national NGOs and civil service organizations designated to hand out $343 million in aid for 2024 to help more migrants invade America. 

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Fifth, not securing our borders threatens our national security needlessly and increases risk to our citizenry. Numerous terrorists have been caught trying to cross the border, but many more have evaded capture. It is troubling that many of these migrants appearing at our southern border are military age men from China, Africa and the Middle East. Drug cartels have used our open borders to flood our streets with Mexican- and Chinese-made fentanyl and use the same routes and connections into America for human trafficking and funneling terrorists across the border. If and when an attack on the homeland comes, it is highly likely their entry will have been through our porous southern border. 

According to the House Homeland Security Committee report, last year marked the worst in U.S. history for people entering our country without authorization. The impact of these misguided efforts is self-evident. The strain on schools and city budgets in many parts of the country is overwhelming. Our governor went to Texas recently and reported that the situation has “gotten significantly worse, especially over the last year” with no solution or end in sight. We have reached an inflection point and the Biden administration’s policy of open borders and use of the United Nations and nongovernmental organizations to push immigrants lacking permanent legal status into our country must be stopped. The current system has become an illegal immigration industrial complex.

The president does not need a “deal” or new laws to enforce our border, and Congress voting to borrow more money and increase our national debt for a Ukraine funding bill in lieu of border security is misguided. Prioritize America, her borders and sovereignty, and then we can discuss the rest. President Biden, do your job and shut our border. The American people will speak loudly this November. 

Brent Orrin Hatch is the son of former Sen. Orrin Hatch. He is a candidate from Utah for the United States Senate.