The Utah Jazz will have a new “City Edition” jersey for the upcoming season, replacing the wildly popular ones that represented the colors of the southern part of the Beehive State.

That jersey will still be well-represented in the new one, however.

The Jazz on Monday morning unveiled after a long wait their black “Dark Mode” threads. Most of the top is black, although the chest has the same gradient as the previous City jersey. Like the old one, “Utah” is spelled out on the chest in white lettering. The numbers are the same font as all of their current jerseys, but in yellow.

The trim is also yellow.

The shorts are also mostly black, although the bottom of one side is the old City gradient. The back of the top is black save for players’ names in white lettering and numbers in yellow. There are other small touches such as the Delicate Arch on the waistband and an outline of the state of Utah with lines to make it look like a basketball and colored in with the City gradient.

It is widely expected that the Jazz will be releasing one more new jersey at some point this season, with speculation that it will be a Utah Stars throwback in celebration of the 50th anniversary of that team winning the American Basketball Association championship.