On Thursday as NCAA athletes officially became eligible to make money off their name, image and likeness, a countless number of them tweeted a message directed to companies to the effect of, “Let’s build each other’s brands.”

In truth, it’s fair to think that a lot of the money college athletes will make moving forward won’t come from things like commercials, but instead from events like autograph sessions or other public appearances.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to think about which athletes might team up with which companies for product endorsements. Here are some matchups of athletes in Utah and companies that just seem too good to pass up.

Justin Bean, Bush’s Beans

This one is inspired by a Twitter user, and the opportunity for the Utah State basketball glue guy just seems too good to pass up.

Britain Covey, FranklinCovey

A bunch of people have observed that the Utah Utes wide receiver could end up in high demand for advertisements, and it could get interesting to see what business opportunities he decides to pursue, but could he just keep it easy and stay in the family?

Marco Anthony, Marco Polo...or a goggles company?

The Utah State transfer to Utah said himself in a Deseret News story from last week that people have been calling him Marco Polo his entire life, in reference to the swimming pool game. This could lead to two golden marketing opportunities — the Marco Polo communication app or his pick of any swimming goggles company. Take your pick, Marco.

Wendy’s had an official response to Utah State player’s love of 4 for $4 deals

Sydney Soloski, Publik Coffee

Look, a lot of these types of deals might just be random athletes teaming up with random companies. But Soloski, a Utah gymnastics fan favorite loves coffee, which seems like it would be a good match for the Salt Lake City coffee company.

This is a good opportunity to note that international athletes at this time can’t benefit off NIL because of visa issues, but Soloski, who is from Canada, was eager on Thursday to begin marketing herself nonetheless.

Rylan Jones, Caldera + Lab

Never heard of this company? Neither had we until Thursday, but they’ve got products to help men’s faces look more youthful. Jones, the former Utah Ute who has transferred to Utah State, seems like a perfect candidate to effectively endorse the products.

Utah Utes guard Rylan Jones (15) cheers from the bench after Alfonso Plummer (25) hits a 3-pointer during the first round of the Pac-12 men’s basketball tournament against Oregon State at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. | Steve Griffin, Deseret News

BYU athletes, so many businesses in Utah County

Alright, we might be taking an easy way out to finish this thing, but honestly, there are so many businesses near the BYU campus that would seem to be great fits for college athletes to start endorsing.

Take it away, Twitter.