Notre Dame star Hannah Hidalgo missed several minutes of game action Friday not because of injury, but because of her nose ring.

During Notre Dame’s Sweet 16 matchup against Oregon State, officials made Hidalgo exit the game and wouldn’t allow her to return until she removed her nose ring.

Hidalgo missed roughly the first five minutes of the second quarter and looked to be in pain while two members of Notre Dame’s training staff attempted to remove the ring.

The game’s broadcasters, Pam Ward and Stephanie White, noted that they believed Hidalgo had played with it taped over the entire season.

The winner of Notre Dame vs. Oregon State will advance to the Elite Eight to play either South Carolina or Indiana.

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What is the NCAA’s jewelry policy?

The NCAA does not allow its men’s or women’s basketball players to wear jewelry, including earrings and nose rings, during games.

“Head decorations, head wear, helmets, and jewelry are illegal. Religious head wear is permitted provided it is securely fashioned to the head and is subject to the approval of the referee,” the NCAA rulebook states.

In addition to jewelry, players are not allowed to have “excessively long fingernails.”

“Equipment that could cut or cause an injury to another player shall be prohibited, without respect to whether the equipment is hard. Excessively long fingernails shall be prohibited,” according to the rulebook.

How social media reacted to Hannah Hidalgo having to remove her nose ring

Social media couldn’t believe that the officials took Hidalgo out midgame when her nose ring hadn’t been an issue before.

Here are some of best reactions: