Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce have weighed in on what Utah’s new NHL team should be named.

On Wednesday’s episode of their “New Heights” podcast, the brothers answered a fan’s question on how they’d feel if the team was named the Utah Yeti.

Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is famously nicknamed the “Big Yeti.” He reportedly earned the nickname in college while playing pickup basketball shirtless and showing off his hairy chest, back and arms, according to Sporting News.

The “Big Yeti” said a Yeti would make a cool mascot and would fit Utah’s snowy mountains. But later in the show, he wondered if Yeti would be too “childish for a hockey team.”

“I think it is a great mascot. I think it is a great name for Utah, knowing that they’re up in the mountains over there and they probably had a few Yeti sightings here and there,” Travis Kelce said on “New Heights.”

The recently retired Jason Kelce had a different bone to pick with the name: It’s not plural.

“I think it should be the Yetis if they’re going for it,” he said. “It needs to be Yetis. It’s wrong. It’s Utah Yetis. It’s not the Chicago Bear. It’s not the Philadelphia Eagle. It needs to be the Utah Yetis.”

Jason Kelce brought up the issue again in regards to the name Mammoth.

“It feels weird when these are all singular,” he said. “When I think of an animal, it needs to be plural. I don’t know why. It doesn’t fit in my brain being a singular animal.”

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What Utah hockey names do the Kelce brothers like?

Out of the available options, Jason Kelce said he would choose Yeti, but insists that the team make it plural.

His case makes sense. After all, the team will consist of 23 players, not one.

Travis Kelce’s favorite name is the Outlaws, but his brother doesn’t think it represents the people of Utah.

“But I don’t think of Outlaws when I think of Utah. I think of Mormons. I think of the opposite of Outlaws. I think of pretty much the most law-abiding citizens on the planet when I think of Utah,” Jason Kelce said. “The Outlaws, right next to all of those Jazz players in Utah.”

The center would be more supportive of the name with a small tweak by combining two of the name options.

“The Utah Ice Outlaws — I can get behind that now,” he said.

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What Utah hockey names do the Kelce brothers dislike?

The brothers have strong opinions on what the team should not be named. They both hate the name Powder because it reminds them of the 1995 movie with the same name.

They’re also in agreement that Utah Hockey Club is “weak.”

“Don’t start doing this (expletive) FC stuff in hockey,” Jason Kelce said. “I’m out on that. Hockey has some of the best mascots and jersey designs out there.”

Travis Kelce questions why Venom is an option and thinks Ice and Frost are too simple, but Jason Kelce thinks the latter two could work.

The tight end doesn’t hate Canyons, but “it doesn’t strike fear into anybody.”

Ultimately, the Kelce brothers aren’t sold on any of the options.

“Utah, I think you guys just gotta keep on digging,” Travis Kelce said. “I don’t love any of these. I’m kind of on board with Yeti and Outlaws.”