Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House coronavirus task force warned Americans recently that there is a “very different” coronavirus spread going on right now.

  • Birx said she’s concerned about the uptick in the Northeast, which originally controlled the virus (after massive amounts of deaths and infections) in the spring, The Associated Press reports.
  • Birx said the entire country learned from the Northeast on how to control the virus.
  • Now, the U.S. is seeing “very different” spread, she said, the AP reports.
  • “The spread of the virus now is not occurring so much in the workplace as people have taken precautions,” Birx said. “It’s happening in homes and social occasions and people gathering and taking their mask off and letting down their guard and not physically distancing.”
Don’t wait for a vaccine, Dr. Birx says. Do this instead

Some advice

Birx said back in August that people shouldn’t wait for a COVID-19 vaccine if they’re trying to stay safe from the coronavirus, as I wrote for Deseret.com.

She said you need to wear masks and stay socially distant.

  • “Do the right thing today. Because if we do the right thing today, we go into the fall with much fewer cases.”
  • “Right now, we gain freedom through wearing our masks and socially distancing.”
  • “We know we can’t always be perfect. We know that we’ll put this message out about private gatherings and something will happen and you’ll realize you have been in a situation, you’ve been around people, you didn’t have your mask on. That is the time to make sure you’re protecting others in your household and around you by wearing a mask when you’re around them, even if they’re family.”