There’s a fake text message about the coronavirus circulating through people’s phones right now. But the Kansas Department of Health and Environment encourages people not to believe it.

What’s going on:

  • Kansas residents are receiving spam messages about the coronavirus that say there have been new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 at different hospitals in the area, KWCH-12 reports.
  • KDE said in a statement: “There are scams and are not true.”
  • Kansas has four cases of COVID-19 right now.

There are real text alerts, though

South Korea used apps for coronavirus prevention

  • In South Korea, citizens turned to smartphone apps to help them stay safe from the coronavirus outbreak, which I wrote about for the Deseret News earlier this month.
  • The apps allowed people to see how close they were to people with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • Developers said the apps were some of the most popular on the Google Play store at the time they dropped.