More people across the nation and the globe are working from home, with the exception of essential workers like healthcare professionals, grocery store clerks, food service workers and first responders. But where do NASA’s top-notch scientists fall on the spectrum?

NASA’s scientists, CNET reports, are still working during the COVID-19 pandemic, but for the first time they’re having to figure out how to accomplish tasks from home that usually require massive, advanced technologies.

The team responsible for piloting the Mars Curiosity rover is doing this, Gizmodo reports, by using 3D glasses and repurposed gaming computers to map out where the rover is and make sure they don’t get it stuck.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology posted photos yesterday of the team working from home, reporting that even though they were using simple red and blue 3D technology — which dates back to the 1950s — the team has successfully programed the Curiosity rover to drill rock samples and carry out missions.

Working remotely is a big change for the team, who usually work together in one room while sharing their screens and important data, but they’ve been able to adjust through the use of chat channels and video calls, JPL team leader Alicia Allbaugh told Yahoo! News.

“Mars isn’t standing still for us; we’re still exploring,” Allbaugh said.