Two American Airlines passengers brawled before a flight departed over the airline’s face mask policy, as one passenger refused to wear a face mask.

What happened:

  • Multiple reports said two passengers fought on an airplane due to seat assignments, which kept them from social distancing.
  • Footage of the brawl surfaced on social media, showing three women confronting each other.
  • Fox News sad: “A passenger on the flight from Las Vegas to Charlotte reportedly refused to follow the airline’s face mask policy after boarding the plane. When they were asked to leave the plane, the traveler reportedly became disruptive and an altercation with other passengers broke out.”
  • A passenger on the flight — traveling from Las Vegas to Charlotte — refused to wear a face mask after she boarded the plane. The traveler became upset when she was asked to leave the flight, according to CTV News.
  • Caryn Ross wrote on Twitter: “Nothing like a morning Fight Club as tempers flared on (American Airlines) LAS-CLT flight today.”
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American Airlines responds:

A spokesperson for American Airlines issued a statement to Fox News about the incident.

 “On Monday, a customer on American Airlines Flight 1665 with service from Las Vegas to Charlotte failed to comply with our mandatory face-covering policy after boarding the aircraft prior to departure. In accordance with our policy, the customer was subsequently asked to leave the aircraft and became disruptive, resulting in an altercation with other passengers.”

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American Airlines requires guests to wear face masks on their flights amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • “You’re required to wear a face covering from the time you enter the airport where your trip begins until you leave the airport where your trip ends.”