Hawaii Gov. David Ige has unveiled a new plan called the “resort bubble” that will help people travel between Hawaiian islands, according to West Hawaii Today.

What’s going on?

  • The new concept has been billed as a movement quarantine system that allows people on Hawaii to travel between islands without a 14-day quarantine.
  • The idea would allow tourists to visit each of the islands. The government would track their movements with a wearable monitor to make sure they stay within the boundaries of their hotel or facility, West Hawaii Today reports.
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  • Tourists would be asked to stay within their “geofence.”
  • Travelers would have to limit their exposure to others within the bubble.
  • Travelers would also sign waivers that allow the state to monitor them and have access to health care records, according to USA Today.
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What’s next:

  • The concept is still being figured out. Counties would work with hotels and resorts to iron out the details. Hawaii has yet to approve the concept as some of the finer points remain under discussion, USA Today reports.

“At a certain point, we need to learn to co-exist with this virus and the EMQ or ‘resort bubble’ is just one step in the staged approach for a broader opening of travel,”<a href="https://health.hawaii.gov/news/corona-virus/hawaii-covid-19-daily-news-digest-august-20-2020/?_ga=2.40134242.1126370937.1597667153-1500363098.1525719013"> Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami</a> said in a statement.