Hawaii will now require travelers to fill out an online application called “Safe Travels” as a way to keep people safe during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

What’s going on?

Hawaii will ask people who travel to file either an inter-island travel form (meaning you’re traveling between islands) or a trans-pacific travel form (for those traveling across the Pacific Ocean).

“I am pleased to launch this digital app which will allow our travelers to provide their required health and travel information before they arrive at the airport. It will also help us keep in contact with those who are required to be in quarantine. This is an important step in preparing to reopen our economy.” — <a href="https://ets.hawaii.gov/new-online-safe-travels-application-mandatory-on-sept-1/?_ga=2.160853172.828284076.1598891223-1500363098.1525719013">Hawaii Gov. David Ige</a>

Hawaii unveils new ‘resort bubble’ concept for people to travel between islands
Hawaii is spreading the coronavirus more than any other state in the country right now

The form — which is digital — collects health information.

Travelers will enter their health and trip information about 24 hours before their flight. They will receive a QR code about the information, which they need to scan once they arrive at their Hawaiian airport, per USA Today.

Can you travel to Hawaii?

Hawaii is still asking people to quarantine for 14 days when they arrive from outside the state, as I’ve written for Deseret.com.

Hawaii continues to spread the novel coronavirus at a rapid rate due to its population size.

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The Hawaii government is considering a “resort bubble” concept that will help people travel between Hawaiian island.

  • The “resort bubble” would include travelers to wear a monitor that would track their movements with a wearable monitor so the government could monitor that travelers are staying within the boundaries of their hotel or facility where they’re staying, which I wrote about for Deseret.com.