The United States could see 100,000 more deaths from COVID-19 in less than a month, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new numbers.

What’s going on?

  • The CDC recently released new estimates for what’s to come in the pandemic, finding that there could be 508,000 total U.S. deaths from the pandemic by Feb. 13.
  • As of Wednesday, the United States has seen 406,000 deaths from COVID-19, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • On Jan. 13, the CDC projected there would be 477,000 deaths. But that number has risen due to the continued surge in cases across the country, according to CNN.
  • Per CNN, new CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky on Wednesday said this was a “truly heartbreaking” number. But, she said, “healthier days lie ahead.”
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The number keeps climbing

Walensky, the incoming director for the CDC, said on “Face the Nation” last weekend that the COVID-19 pandemic will hit half a million by February, as I wrote about for the Deseret News.

Walensky said the deaths are only half the story, though, since people still suffer from symptoms months later.

“That doesn’t speak to the tens of thousands of people who are living with a yet uncharacterized syndrome after they’ve been recovered- after they’ve recovered,”<a href=""> she said.</a> “And we still yet haven’t seen the ramifications of what happened from the holiday travel, from holiday gathering in terms of high rates of hospitalizations and the deaths thereafter. So, yes, I think we still have some dark weeks ahead.”

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What’s next

The COVID-19 vaccine continues to be distributed throughout the country, which could help stop some of the spread, CNN reports. President Joe Biden will also announce his new COVID-19 national strategy plan, which could increase testing and vaccine rollout, according to The Washington Post.