Finding an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine could be a bit tricky, especially since some counties have different ways of allowing sign-ups compared to others.

  • But there is one interesting way to find a COVID-19 vaccination appointment — social media.

You can use social media to find a vaccine appointment

Per NBC Bay Area, there are people on social media who will share openings to vaccine appointments across the country. These people — which NBC Bay Area referred to as “vaccine whisperers” — can help you find and make appointments.

How and where to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment in Utah

Dr. Robert Traynham, who works for communications at Facebook, told NBC Bay Area that social media can be a great place to start to find vaccine openings since some apps — like Facebook and Instagram — share direct information about vaccines.

  • “What we’re trying to do is connect people with where the vaccine is,” he said.
  • “For some people it’s their hospital, for some people it is their pharmacy,” Traynham said. “It really depends on your local community. We just put you in touch. We just literally are the connector with whatever’s available in your area.”
Qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine? Here’s how to book your appointment

Online tools to help you find a vaccine appointment

There are multiple vaccine finder tools online that you can use if you’re still on the hunt for a vaccine appointment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has its own vaccine finder, which lets you discover where there might be an opening near you. There’s also and, which offer tips on how to find vaccines through their tools.

How to book a Utah vaccine appointment

Utah’s website has a number of links for booking an appointment. You will need to either contact your local health department or you can book online.