Jeff Bezos announced Monday morning that he will be heading to space in the first human space flight for the Blue Origin spacecraft.

Jeff Bezos heads to space on Blue Origin

Bezos said he will be joined by his brother and the winner of an ongoing auction on the Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft when it launches July 20.

  • If July 20 sounds familiar, it’s because that is the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
  • The trip will head to the moon from Texas.
  • “To see the Earth from space, it changes you, changes your relationship with this planet. It’s one Earth,” Bezos said in the video on Instagram. “I want to go on this flight because it’s a thing I’ve wanted to do all my life. It’s an adventure. It’s a big deal for me.”

Per The Associated Press, Bezos said back in February that he will be stepping down as CEO of Amazon to focus more of his time on Blue Origin.

  • Per CNBC, Bezos said at the time that he “will stay engaged in important Amazon projects but will also have more time to focus on the Bezos Earth Fund, his Blue Origin spaceship company, The Washington Post and the Amazon Day 1 Fund.”

In May, Bezos announced he would pass the leadership over to Amazon executive Andy Jassy, who will take over the role on July 5, according to The Verge.