The 2022 Old Farmer’s Almanac is out now, and it has a stark warning for winter — it’s going to be frigid — so, really cold.

Winter 2021-2022 predictions, revealed

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is an annual report that assesses what the upcoming winter season will look like across the country.

For 2021-2022, the almanac said people should prepare for the “Season of Shivers.” 

  • “This winter will be punctuated by positively bone-chilling, below-average temperatures across most of the United States,” the almanac said.
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Janice Stillman, editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, said the upcoming winter will be historic for its deeply cold temperatures.

  • “This coming winter could well be one of the longest and coldest that we’ve seen in years,” Stillman said.

Will it snow a lot this winter?

Extreme snow will fall in New England, as well as the Ohio Valley. Parts of the South and New Mexico will see more snowfall than usual, too. Montana and Colorado will likely see the above-average snowfall.

  • But the Western locations — like California and Utah — will be pretty dry “with all but the Pacific Coast itself and portions of the Southwest experiencing the frigid cold predicted for much of the rest of the country,” according to the almanac.

How does it compare to winter 2020-21?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in October 2020 that most of the country would have a mild winter, with Utah seeing normal and warmer than normal temperatures.

  • The predictions for 2020 were based on the weather patterns of La Niña, which causes fewer snowstorms and blizzards across the East Coast, as I wrote for the Deseret News.
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The 2020-2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac predicted, for example, that there would heavy snow in New England with minimal snow in the Utah area last year. As we saw, New England got slammed with snow in 2020 and Utah faced a minor snow season.