Landslides in the historic mountain city of Petrópolis, Brazil, killed more than 100 people and left dozens more missing this week.

According to France 24, at least 104 people have died after over 10 inches of rain flooded the city and caused mudslides on Tuesday.

  • The city of Petrópolis is a historic city established in the mid-19th century, nestled in between mountains and 70 miles away from the beach. The mudslides tore through homes, streets and historical monuments.

Petropolis Mayor Rubens Bomtempo said during a Wednesday news conference that recovery efforts were ongoing, per NPR.

  • “We don’t yet know the full scale of this,” he said. “It was a hard day, a difficult day.”

Rio de Janeiro Gov. Claudio Casto said that this was the worst rain the city had experienced since 1932.

  • “No one could predict rain as hard as this,” he said, adding that about 400 people are now homeless because of the disaster.

Petrópolis resident Hilda said that her city was “over” after the mudslides. According to Reuters, the home that she shared with eight other people is gone.

  • “I lost my niece and her 5-year-old daughter, who we still haven’t found,” she said. “We did not expect this tragedy. Our city is over.”