Hurricane Ian raged through southern Florida last night. A critical passageway from Sanibel is damaged, leaving behind an unknown number of residents stranded.

Driving the news: Hurricane Ian tore through Lee County, Florida, leaving major damages to Sanibel Causeway in its wake. Multiple sections of the causeway, which provides the only connection from Sanibel Island to the mainland, are collapsed by the storm.

  • Approximately 50-60 feet of the Sanibel Causeway is destroyed, NBC News reports. Passage to mainland Florida is only possible by boat or helicopter.
  • Sanibel Mayor Holly Smith told residents her top priority is to get those stranded to safety. It is unknown how many Sanibel residents remain on the island, but search and rescue teams are actively working to relieve them.
  • The exact numbers of fatalities and injuries are currently unknown. Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno predicts fatalities are in “the hundreds” within Lee County.
How much damage did Hurricane Ian do?

What they’re saying: Florida locals shared thoughts and images of the devastating damages Hurricane Ian left behind last night.

The details: Florida officials addressed the damages Hurricane Ian caused to Sanibel.

  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis plans to repair the Sanibel Causeway. “But that’s not something that will happen overnight,” he said.
  • “I know how much we want to get back on our island and to our homes and businesses,” Mayor Holly Smith said in a message to Sanibel residents. “Please be prepared that we do not know what that will look like.”