Update: A grand jury indicted Brian Walshe for the murder of Ana Walshe on Thursday. WCVB 5 News reported he remains in custody without bail and will face life in prison without possibility of parole if he is convicted. His indictment means he will be arraigned in the Norfolk Superior Court (he was previously arraigned at the Quincy District Court).

On Jan. 1, mother of three and real estate investment manager Ana Walshe went missing in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Since then, authorities have investigated her disappearance. On Tuesday, authorities issued an arrest warrant for her husband, Brian Walshe, charging him in connection with her death.

Walshe has been in custody since Jan. 9 on a charge of misleading investigators. According to CBS News, authorities have issued another arrest warrant for Walshe — this time, he’s expected to be arraigned on Wednesday for murder charges.

Ana Walshe went missing. Investigators now say they found damaged knife in her home

Ana Walshe went missing at the start of the new year. Her workplace reported her missing on Jan. 4, according to Deseret News. While her husband said he last saw her on Jan. 1, investigators believe that he gave a false timeline of when he last saw her.

Authorities also alleged that Brian Walshe didn’t disclose a trip he took to Home Depot on Jan. 2, according to The Washington Post. There, he reportedly purchased $450 worth of cleaning supplies, using cash.

Investigators continued to look for Ana Walshe and evidence related to her disappearance when a two-day sweep of the town didn’t lead to authorities finding her. Boston Globe reported, “In court on Monday, prosecutors said they discovered blood and a damaged, bloodied knife in the basement of the couple’s Cohasset home.”

Authorities say that they found additional evidence leading up to the arrest. CNN reported that the evidence included “Brian Walshe’s internet records showing searches for how to dismember and dispose of a body, according to law enforcement sources; and a hacksaw and apparent bloodstains at a trash collection site.”

According to Boston Globe, additional details about the case will be revealed at the arraignment. Investigators said that they hoped that Ana Walshe was still alive, but the evidence led them in a different direction.

Brian Walshe had run-ins with authorities before his recent arrest. According to CNN, “Further, Ana Walshe told police in 2014 someone threatened to ‘kill (her) and her friend,’ according to an incident report CNN obtained from the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department. A spokesperson for the department confirmed that Brian Walshe was the person involved in the report.”

Additionally, at the time of Ana Walshe’s disappearance, he was under home confinement due to his conviction for fraud, per Deseret News. He had sold real and fake Andy Warhol paintings, which led to his arrest and subsequent conviction.