The convicted murderer who escaped from a Philadelphia area prison on Aug. 31 has finally been captured after a 13-day manhunt.

Danelo Cavalcante was convicted at the beginning of August of killing Deborah Brandao. The search for Cavalcante forced schools to shut down and put the surrounding region on high alert for the man who authorities said was considered very dangerous.

“Our nightmare is finally over,” Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan said Wednesday, per CNN.

How was Danelo Cavalcante captured in Pennsylvania?

An aircraft detected a heat signature in the area on Wednesday morning, but storms forced the helicopter to leave the area. Later that morning, a tactical crew crept in on Cavalcante. As he sensed the team’s presence, he “started to crawl away through thick underbrush with a stolen rifle in tow,” The Washington Post reported.

Manhunt continues for convicted murderer who escaped prison in Pennsylvania

A K-9 dog stopped Cavalcante, leaving a minor bite wound on his head.

It took nearly two weeks to track the fugitive down, and Pennsylvania State Police Lt. George Bivens told the Post, “I don’t know that he was particularly skilled; he was desperate.”

Bivens said Cavalcante never had a chance to use the stolen rifle.

“It’s never easy to find someone who doesn’t want to be found in a large area,” Bivens said during a news briefing, per Reuters.

This image provided by the Pennsylvania State Police shows Danelo Cavalcante. The escaped murderer on the run for more than a week in southeast Pennsylvania has been spotted with what police called “a changed appearance.” Pennsylvania State Police said in a statement on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2023, that Danelo Souza Cavalcante was seen overnight near Phoenixville in northern Chester County. | Pennsylvania State Police via Associated Press

How did Danelo Cavalcante escape from Pennsylvania prison?

While waiting to be transferred from county lockup to a state correctional institution, Cavalcante was able to escape. He was able to escape by “crab-walking” up to the roof before the transfer — he was sentenced to life in prison for Brandao’s murder, per CNN.

After getting to the roof, Cavalcante “pushed through razor wires,” then “ran across the roof, scaled a fence, (and) pushed his way through more razor wire,” The New York Times reported.

He stole a van more than a week after the escape and drove for around 25 miles, Reuters reported. Next, he shaved off his beard, changed his clothes and stole a rifle from a resident’s garage. He also attempted contacting multiple people to help him, including his sister, who refused.

When he was captured, he was wearing a stolen Philadelphia Eagles hoodie, which officers had to cut off of him.

Gov. Josh Shapiro promised to get the owner a new hoodie.

What happened to Deborah Brandao?

Cavalcante was convicted of stabbing Brandao 38 times in front of her two children, who were only 4 and 7 at the time. While investigating the murder, authorities discovered he had attacked and threatened to kill her before.

Hailing from Brazil, Cavalcante has also been charged in connection to a murder there, and the investigation also revealed that Brandao likely learned about the charges and that was possibly the motive for the murder, the Deseret News reported.