A miniature poodle named Sage won the Westminster Kennel Club dog show’s best in show this year. She beat out 2,500 dogs coming from across all 50 U.S. states in order to snag the title.

Sage is the first female dog to claim best in show since 2020, according to CNN. She and her handler traveled from Houston, Texas, to compete in Flushing, a neighborhood in New York City, for the show.

Kaz Hosaka, Sage’s handler, told BBC he thought Sage provided “a great performance.”

Mercedes the German shepherd placed second with the reserve best in show title, and he also won the top prize of the herding group.

Winners don’t receive cash prizes, but they do get “bragging rights and a trophy,” according to BBC. In some categories, such as agility and obedience, the “winners can direct a $5,000 Westminster donation to a training club of their choosing or to the American Kennel Club Humane Fund.”

How are winners decided in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show?

Dogs face several levels of competition to win best in show. Each breed has a standard version, or “the image of perfection that judges are looking for in a specific breed,” the Deseret News reported.

The standard includes “the desired general appearance, movement, temperament, and specific physical traits,” according to the Westminster Kennel Club.

During the different levels of competition over three days, one judge chooses the best dog that meets the agreed upon standards, and within each round of competition, the number of competitors whittles down until there’s a final seven who compete in the final round.

Judges select best in show from that pool and decide the second place winner as the reserve best in show.

How many times has a poodle won the Westminster Kennel Club dog show?

Sage is the 11th poodle to win best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The most recent poodle winner before Sage was also a miniature black poodle, named Spice — who happened to also have the same handler as Sage, according to PBS. Spice won best in show in 2002.

Other notable dog wins from the Westminster Kennel Club dog show

This year marked the first-ever mixed-breed to claim the No. 1 title in the agility competition, The Associated Press reported. Nimble, a border collie-papillion mix, “outran and outmaneuvered 50 other finalists to seize the trophy and plant a flag for blended-breed dogs everywhere.”

“She just tries hard, and she’s a wonderful dog,” Nimble’s handler, Cynthia Hornor, told AP.