The United States and the United Kingdom were “poised” to launch strikes against the Houthis in Yemen on Thursday, The Guardian reported.

Driving the news: The attack would be in response to Houthi attacks on vessels in the Red Sea. Houthis aimed missiles and drones at U.S. and U.K. warships Tuesday night, and The Guardian reported that preparations were “intensifying” in response.

President Joe Biden is expected to make a statement on the situation soon.

Preparations for an attack on Houthis follow a UN Security Council resolution on Wednesday for an “immediate” end to Houthis attacks, per BBC.

The context: Houthis have been attacking Red Sea vessels in response to the Hamas-Israel war since October. The attacks have affected major shipping routes and freight rates.

The U.S. announced in December that a new “operation” was underway to quell the Houthi strikes.

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The attack on a Red Sea vessel Tuesday marked the Houthis’ 26th since Nov. 19, according to the BBC.