SALT LAKE CITY — Got chocolate milk?

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has more of the “guilty pleasure” that got him into trouble on the Senate floor along with mint brownies courtesy of Mormon Women for Ethical Government. The watchdog group made a special delivery to his Washington office Tuesday to thank him for voting to hear from witnesses last week in the trial of President Donald Trump.

Romney famously breached Senate impeachment trial rules last week when he chugged chocolate milk from a bottle. Senators are only allowed to drink milk or water out of a glass, and they also were not allowed to use a cellphone, talk or stand during the proceedings.

Romney revealed in an interview while running for president in 2012 that chocolate milk is his “guilty pleasure.”

Mormon Women for Ethical Government, made up of Republicans, Democrats and independents, also brought Romney an open letter thanking him for “being the type of leader who courageously seeks for truth, especially when faced with great opposition from within your own party.”

“We stand with you in your decision to do what was right, letting the consequences follow,” said the letter, quoting a familiar phrase in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The group also intends to deliver a thank-you note to Maine Sen. Susan Collins, who along with Romney were the only Republicans to vote for more witnesses.

“We need courageous, independent leaders such as yourself to stand up for truth at this time,” reads the letter to Collins.

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel last week offered Romney a milk cow and all the Twinkies he could eat if he would “march those pleated Dockers” into the Senate chamber and insisted on witnesses and evidence. The cream-filled snack cakes are another Romney favorite.

No word on whether the cow and Twinkie the Kid have showed up at the senator’s office.