A pair of counties in the state of Utah ranked among the top states where people were still traveling the most almost a month into social distancing.

  • The New York Times reported residents from a slew of counties across the U.S. are still traveling every day. In fact, areas where public officials have resisted or delayed stay-at-home orders had three times more travel than those with lockdown orders.
  • Two counties in Utah appeared on that list.
  • Salt Lake County ranked 14th on the list with 2.4 miles traveled on Friday.
  • Utah County ranked 16th on the list on the list with 2.2 miles traveled on Friday.

Why it matters:

Per the New York Times:

“Not all travel is problematic: A person driving for a few miles to pick up groceries would not be violating stay-at-home orders. And people in cities can infect others without traveling far.

“But broadly higher levels of travel suggest more contact with others and more chances to spread or contract the disease, researchers said. Counties with lax travel policies risk not only becoming the next hot spots of the disease, but also acting as reservoirs for the virus that reignite infection in places that have tamped it down, they said.”

The latest from Utah

  • Utah Gov. Gary Herbert extended dine-in ban for Utah restaurants to April 15. The original plan was only supposed to last for two weeks.
  • “I am grateful to Utah’s restaurants for their efforts to quickly adjust to new policies. It is encouraging to see so many businesses take seriously their responsibility to protect public health,” Herbert said in a statement. “I am hopeful that the new requirements instituted today will help our restaurants continue safely offering pick-up and delivery services.”