RIVERDALE, Weber County — A Bountiful man has been arrested for the second time in two weeks for allegedly having sexual contact with the same 15-year-old girl.

During their investigation, police learned that Keaton Beckstrand, 29, and the girl have been involved in an illegal sexual relationship for several months and the teenager has been selling pictures and videos of their encounters for money, according to police.

On April 18, Beckstrand was arrested for investigation of unlawful sexual activity with a minor in Harrisville, Weber County.

On Wednesday night, Beckstrand was arrested in Riverdale for investigation of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. The victim in each case is the same girl, according to police.

“Keaton ultimately admitted to having a 7 monthslong relationship with (the girl) that was sexual in nature,” a police affidavit states. Beckstrand admitted to having sex with the girl “more times than he can count because he loves her.”

Police say the 15-year-old girl was uncooperative with investigators.

Beckstrand agreed to show police graphic videos and pictures of himself and the girl on his phone, the affidavit states.

“Keaton stated that (the girl) also sells sexually explicit photographs of them for monetary gain. Keaton told me that he estimates that they have made several hundred dollars from selling the sexually explicit photographs and videos on the internet and that (the girl) has a PayPal account set up where she collects the funds. Keaton again admitted that the money made for these photos and videos are for monetary gain that they both use to purchase food, gasoline and auto repairs,” according to the affidavit.