SYRACUSE — Officials on Sunday identified a Syracuse man who died from injuries he sustained in what appeared to be an incident with a bison on a trail at Antelope Island State Park Saturday.

Larry M. Adams, 55, was found by two women on the Lakeside Trail who heard him calling for help, Utah State Parks officials said. The women and park rangers began rendering first aid.

In addition to wounds that were “consistent with a goring,” Adams had lacerations that also support being thrown by a bison. But no one witnessed the incident, officials said.

Adams died Saturday night in a hospital.

In a post last October on the runners’ Facebook page Wasatch Mountain Wranglers, Adams described his “great love and passion” for Antelope Island. He discussed bison encounters there and observed that there were a lot more bikers in the area and “distracted athletes” and urged those who recreate at Antelope Island to “be wise in the outdoors” and consider their impact to prevent encounters with bison.

“I’ve encountered hundreds of bison over the years, I saw them clear in advance of my ‘encounter’ with them, and gave them the respect they deserve,” Adams wrote. “I pass more and more runners/hikers these days that are deeply engrossed in their music, book, podcast or else and barely recognize my passing. How do you protect yourself in the outdoors from a two thousand pound plus animal?”

Friends on social media remembered Adams for his kindness, love of running and the island.

“He ran out there more than anyone by far, it was his island,” one man said on the Wasatch Mountain Wranglers page.

One woman recalled Adams offering to send her and other members of a runners’ Facebook group self-defense claws as they discussed ways to protect themselves against attackers.

“This is heartbreaking news, Larry was truly one of the kindest trail runners I’ve ever met. He was good people,” another person wrote.

“So sad. Such a genuinely good man, and the island was his backyard. He knew how to respect those animals better than anyone,” one man wrote.

“My favorite memory of Larry was running with him out on the island several years ago. He gave me a ride in his very clean and nice truck. He was genuine. Kind, and helpful,” another friend posted.

Correction: A previous version incorrectly stated Adams died on Sunday night. It was Saturday.