The Roller Coaster at Lagoon has officially been around for a century.

On July 15, Utah’s Lagoon Amusement Park is celebrating the 100th anniversary of one of the oldest operating wooden coasters in the world. The ride — which has also been nicknamed the White Roller Coaster because it was painted white up until 2005 — is 2,500 feet long, rises 60 feet and goes at a top speed of 45 mph, according to Lagoon’s website.

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To celebrate 100 years, Lagoon is running a promotion on Thursday that allows customers to get two tickets for $100 with the code “100BDAY,” according to the amusement park’s social media accounts.

The park will also throw a celebration Thursday night that includes placing a time capsule inside the coaster for the next 100 years.

Over the years, the Roller Coaster — which was initially called the Lagoon Dipper — has weathered a flood and a fire, and has undergone several upgrades and renovations. It was designed by John Miller — who also created roller coasters at Coney Island — and is the second-oldest ride at the park, the Deseret News reported. In 2012, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places, according to

A few years ago, the Deseret News ranked several of the rides at Lagoon by levels of intensity and enjoyability. The Roller Coaster — which can be rather bumpy due to the wooden frame — scored a 3 out of 5 stars for intensity and a 4 out of 5 stars for enjoyability.

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