The Davis County Sheriff's Office is asking drivers to avoid being "left lane loafers" — a driver that doesn't move over so others can pass.

The agency is also reminding the public not to call 911 or nonemergency dispatchers to report slow drivers in passing lanes.

Davis County dispatchers received nearly a dozen calls over the weekend about so-called left lane loafers, as many drivers were irritated that others were plugging up passing lanes, according to a Facebook post Wednesday from the sheriff's office.

While slower drivers are required to move right in order for other cars to pass, people should not report those who don't move over, the sheriff's office said.

"While we sympathize with this irritation, please do not call 911 or the nonemergency line to report it," the post says.

Stephanie Dinsmore, a sheriff's office spokeswoman, said "it's fairly typical" for dispatchers to receive calls from upset drivers about other drivers plugging up passing lanes.

The sheriff's office said drivers should call 911 if they witness unsafe, erratic driving; or if a driver appears to be intoxicated.