There’s not much that can boost a person’s confidence like a spiffy, new outfit.

Weber State University teamed up with JCPenney’s Riverdale location to give students a chance to get professional clothing at more student-affordable prices.

“Part of what we see as our goal at career services is giving students the most well-rounded opportunity to present themselves as professionals,” said Mitchell Keahey, a spokesman for the career services department at Weber. “We want to make sure that students have all the clothes, interview skills, whatever it may be to ensure that they become employed after graduating.”

The Suit-Up event held Tuesday involved students, alumni, staff members and their families, shopping for professional clothing at heavily discounted prices — 30% off.

“Dressing well is a way to help students feel confident and gives them a way to really sell themselves to their employers,” said Jacob Wilkey, assistant director at the career services department. “I think the way that you dress can really affect how you do in interviews.”

Participants browsed a range of professional wear, including suits, dress shirts, trousers, blazers, blouses, skirts and dresses. The 30% off coupon came on top of already discounted items or sales. Belts, ties, wallets and shoes were also a part of the special event.

“This event is really nice because it gives me the chance to buy something that will look nice,” said Kaden Zaugg, a freshman automotive services student and the founder of a startup construction company called Easy Demo LLC. “As a small business owner, it’s a nice opportunity because I have to go to a lot of meetings.”

“Looking nice is a big part of being a business owner,” he said.

Attendees Tuesday were invited to not only shop but to socialize and participate in games, like corn hole, for the chance to win Weber State merchandise and JCPenney gift cards.

“With JCPenney, you could have people who have shopped here since they were little kids and continue to shop here today with their grandkids — it’s really a community environment,” said Kathy Evans, manager at the Riverdale JCPenney. “We want students to know that we were there for them when they were growing up, and will be there for them as they go out in the world.”

Students from all walks of life could be seen stacking piles of shirts and slacks on their arms. Some, who had come to the event for a specific item of clothing, remarked it would be a wasted opportunity to not take advantage of the savings and saw it as an opportunity to fill out their professional wardrobe.

“It goes to show that Weber State actually cares about their students and faculty — I believe that WSU wants to help us out in any way they can, especially with finding jobs and graduating,” said Collins Vinacco, a first-year graduate student studying athletic training. “I’m definitely proud to be a Wildcat.”