Starting in June, the Provo Municipal Airport will be offering a new route to its destinations — Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

“That is a route that we’ve been extremely excited about,” Brian Torgersen, director of the Provo Airport, told the Deseret News. Getting a location like Dallas or Denver will bring more opportunities to Provo, “because they’re large hub airports, they connect to everywhere.”

The announcement by Breeze Airways comes less than two years after the airline first began doing business with the Provo Airport. With Dallas now added, the Salt Lake City-based airline now offers 10 flights in and out of Provo. The college city’s airport, which used to have only three flights in and out, has seen exponential growth.

“Nonstops from Provo are up almost 500% in the last five years, from three to 14 destinations,” according to the release statement. “Competition has brought more travel options but also lower fares to SLC/PVU. Fares have come down an average of 66% on routes where Breeze operates.”

When flights are more affordable, people fly more, and Torgersen said the airport has doubled in flyers every year since 2021. “In 2021, we had just over 100,000 passenger enplanements — that’s passengers getting on an aircraft in Provo — in 2022, we had 211,000 enplanements. So the total passengers is roughly double that, so your 400,000 total passengers in 2022. In 2023, we saw 414,000 enplanements, so roughly 820,000 total passengers, and so I don’t think you’ll see us double that again this year, but we’re on track for at least a million passengers total this year, in 2024.”

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Torgersen also mentioned how the affordability of these low-cost carriers is attractive for college students and people living on a budget — with some flights being more affordable than driving to your destination.

People see that they “can get home for 50 bucks, you know, if I’m going to Arizona or California or wherever it might be with a backpack or a personal item, they can do that for under $50,” Torgersen added. “And so I think you’re seeing that model stimulates, you know, travel, where it used to be people would say, ‘Well, I’ll drive home.’ Well now, gosh, ‘I can’t even drive home for the price that I can fly out of Provo.’”

Out of the Provo airport, Breeze currently offers the following destinations:

  • Orange County, California.
  • San Francisco, California.
  • San Bernardino, California.
  • Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Grand Junction, Colorado.
  • Orlando, Florida.
  • Hartford, Connecticut.

On June 7, Breeze Airways will offer the direct flight out of Provo to Dallas-Fort Worth one way for $69.

The terminal at the Provo Airport is pictured on April 23, 2020. | Ivy Ceballo, Deseret News