Gov. Mario Cuomo accused his state Senate Saturday of stalling budget talks - said to be an obstacle in any plans he may have at making a run for the White House.

Cuomo's criticism came a day after New York state's second most powerful Democrat, Assembly Speaker Mel Miller, was convicted of real estate fraud in federal court and kicked out of office.The governor's spokesman, Tom Conroy, said the felony conviction of Miller would not affect efforts to close an $875 million budget gap and thus hinder any decision by Cuomo to enter the race for the 1992 Democratic nomination for president.

But Cuomo lashed out at Republican state senators for not agreeing to the budget plan he submitted, saying they have no desire to reach an agreement any time soon.

"The governor has said that he could not in good conscience offer himself as a candidate under the current circumstances where the state faces a deficit in the current fiscal year and not have a plan to close that deficit," Conroy said.

In a graphic illustration of the philosophical differences he has with the Republicans, Cuomo denounced the GOP budget plan as an attack on the poor, because it contains sharp cuts in Medicaid and welfare spending but contains no cuts in lawmakers' highest-in-the-nation pay or aid to suburban school districts.

Senate Majority Leader Ralph Marino said the two sides are separated by Cuomo's refusal to cut down on government handouts or aggressively act to stop fraud and abuse.